To Whom it may appeal:

“In the days when I don`t remember who I am – I pray to You.
In the days when I know who I am – I am You.“

how are you ?
How was your day?
week , month, year?
How was every minut , every second of your being?
Have you been happy? Have you been healthy?
Have you actually been alive?
Are you happy with the decisions you have made?
Do you think they were important?

Did they take you to the place you wanted to go?

Did you have time to stop for a second to ask your self these questions ?

Did you have courage to answer?

We can step out of this…
…of this Drama …
We can stop being a Victims.
We can stop this feeling of emptiness – of powerlesness.

Once We start acting upon what We feel
What We know – – inside Us –
What We really are – Who We really are –
Once We wake up our inner Warrior..
… and claim back Our Sovereignty..

Once We step out of the World of Ignorance –
Once We let go of Our fears – of Our opinions ..
Once We stop feeding Ourselves with Junk,
Once We clear our minds,
Our Bodies,
Once We Stop Hurting Ourselves..

..and start following Our inner Wisdom..

Chance We can start perciving this World and Ourselves
as It is –
as We are –
and We are truly Beautiful – and far beyond what We can ever imagine!

We can become who ever We want to be and be wherever We want to be !
We can make every moment Epic !!!
It is up to Us …
All the ways

— BeYouTheFull You—

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with Love