Hey Guys, this is Our Acai Super Bowl… Looks Yuuumi , right?

You can make one of those with the Premium Acai and other Goodies We sell on Flat Earth Foods 

Did you know that ACAI we sell is a very unique one…
Its Sublime Premium ACAI – the best ACAI you can get! Anywhere!
It`s Wild Grown and Hand picked in the Amazon Jungle –
Flesh Frozen straight after picking. 
and It`s RaW pure ACAI pulp with no processing – unpasteurized – which means you can really feel the magical power and amazing taste of these deep purple berries – Amazon`s gift to the World.

People describe the taste of Acai­ as a mix of chocolate and blueberries… but here’s the best bit: It’s really good for you! Acai has been shown in laboratory analysis to have higher antioxidant levels than Blueberries, Pomegranates or red wine. In addition, it is unique among fruit in that it contains healthy omega oils (6 & 9).

Once you’ve discovered how good it can be, you’ll see why Acai is Brazil’s favourite fruit. Acai helps to fuel Brazil’s Carnival atmosphere – Everybody from Footballers to Martial Artists, from Surfers to Volleyball players get their energy and passion from Acai.