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Organic Raw Coconut Oil – Extra Virgin – Cold Pressed – Best Available


Country of origin: Sri Lanka

The quality of our coconut oil speaks for itself, you will not be disappointed!

It is cold pressed and extra virgin, making it the highest grade on the market.

This coconut oil is processed at temperatures below 45°C, making it compatible with raw food diets.

Our Coconut oil is specially imported from Sri Lanka, it is certified organic and it has been shipped to us in a heat tub which is resealable so you can be sure it’s fresh and will stay that way.

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Coconut oil is the oil content extracted from coconut kernel. Its oil is equally in demand just as other coconut products such as coconut water and meat (kernel); and indeed, is the chief source of cooking oil consumed in many South-east and East Asian regions. Additionally, it also found wider applications in the traditional medicines, and as a carrier oil in pharmaceutical industries.

Cocos nucifera (coconut palm) belongs to the large Palmaceae family of palm trees.


The coconut palm is an unbranched, erect, tall-growing tree. In a season, a single coconut palm can yield 20-150 mature nuts. The fruit is almost spherical to oval in shape and measure between 5-10 inches in width. Initially, its rough outer husk is light green which turns grey as the nut matures. The husk is about 1-2 inches in thickness and made of tough fibres. Underneath this husk, is a woody-hard shell enclosing an edible kernel (endosperm), known as “coconut meat.” When this nut ultimately matures and dries to become “copra,” it is employed in pressing coconut oil.



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